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Stalkasins - Kip Fowler

Kip Fowler

- Utah

"Stalkasins have become an absolute necessity in my backpack. I believe every bowhunter should own a pair"

Stalkasins - Quinn McSpadden

Quinn McSpadden

- Utah

Stalkasins - Jason Monsen

Jason Monsen

Stalkasins - Chad Timm

Chad Timm

- Sonora

"Stalkasins are flat out durable, dependable and quiet. If I go they go! I won't leave home without them."

Stalkasins - Daniel Lafollette

Daniel Lafollette

- Oregon

"I've finally found a product that gives me the advantage of stealth that is unmatched to any other. My feet stay safe and I don't have to spend time pulling all the seeds out of my socks anymore. I love Stalkasins and would consider them a must-have."

Stalkasins - Hunter Bigelow

Hunter Bigelow

- Utah

Stalkasins - Sloane Brown

Sloane Brown

- Nebraska

“I was able to sneak into 5 yards of a bedded muley - my Stalkasins are the deadliest weapon in my quiver”

Stalkasins - Alex Millward

Alex Millward

- Idaho

"Between protecting my feet and keeping me quiet on stalks, they simply WORK! I got in to 9 yards of this Idaho bull"

Stalkasins - Ben Guttormson

Ben Guttormson

- South Dakota

Stalkasins - Gage Jensen

Gage Jensen

- Arizona

"Slipped on my Stalkasins to close the last 100 yards to seal the deal on this great buck"

Stalkasins - Reid Doyle

Reid Doyle

- Montana

"Stalkasins are awesome! I wore them pretty much all weekend. They're quiet, comfortable, and tough even against cactus. I stepped on several and never had any issues."


George Bermudez

- Utah

"Whenever I wear them, I know I'm gonna kill a deer."

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