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Frequently - Asked Questions

  • Are Stalkasins worn with or without socks?​​

    • Stalkasins are meant to be worn with socks. Simply take your boots off when it comes time and put your Stalkasins on.

  • Should I order my regular shoe size?

    • Not necessarily. Please use our sizing chart found on the Stalkasins page to find out how to find the correct size.​​

  • Do Stalkasins protect against cactus?

    • While we haven't tested them on every existing species of cactus, we are yet to find a cactus that can pierce them just by stepping on it.​

  • How long do orders take to ship?

    • Because our products are handmade to order, we ask for 2 - 6 weeks to fulfill orders. An updated estimate can be found on the Stalkasins product page. Apparel orders ship within a couple days. If you need a more specific idea on when an order will ship or if you need an order rushed, feel free to email us.​

  • Do Lone Peak products come with a warranty?

    • The bottom line is we want you to be happy. We will gladly fix anything that we did wrong on our end.  If you have problems due to wear and tear, call or email us and we'll help you get it fixed for a reasonable price.​ ​

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