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The latest iteration of our proven hunting moccasins. 


Over the last 7 years, we and our customers have attempted thousands of stalks and taken hundreds of animals while wearing Stalkasins. Every season, we've used your feedback to continually chase the perfect balance between stealth, durability and protection.


Our current version, released in late 2022 is an extra 25% quieter and are built to last. While we guarantee them for two seasons, most bowhunters will get 5+ years out of a pair of Stalkasins.


Simply take your boots off when you get to the final approach of your target and put on your Stalkasins® over your socks.  Then, get close and stay quiet.


- Double-layered leather soles turn back thorns, cactus and sharp rocks.


- Lacing system allows them to cinch tight for steep terrain.


- Stalkasins® are not waterproof but can be treated to improve water resistance. Although, we always say that if the ground is wet enough to get your feet wet, then your boots will probably be plenty quiet and we keep our Stalkasins in our packs on those days. But to each their own.




Weight: 12 oz per pair* (*Size 9.0)


  • Stalkasin sizes are NOT necessarily the same as regular shoe sizes. Because of this, accurate sizing is very important. Please consult our sizing chart when selecting the proper size. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

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