Stalkasin® Hybrids

An even quieter wool and leather version of our proven Stalkasins. Born for dry environments and for those that don't mind sacrificing a bit of puncture-resistance for unmatched noise reduction.


With a full wool body and sole, puncture resistant flexible leather insole and leather reinforcment for the laces, the Stalkasin Hybrids maximize stealth while still providing you solid puncture resistance for cactus and thorns.


The Hybrids obviously aren't for everyone, due to the fact that you are sacrificing puncture resistance and quiet a bit of wear resistance, but there is no other way to be as quiet as the Hybrids allow you to be. 


Because of the reduced wear resistance, we recommend you use the Hybrids only for the final approach and not for still hunting long distances.


Weight: 8.2 oz per pair*           (*Size 10.0)

Stalkasin® Hybrids

  • Stalkasin Hybrids are offered in full sizes only. If you are inbetween sizes and want a more snug fit and don't mind having to wear them in a bit to stretch them if necessary, go with the smaller size. If you don't like pressure on your toes and/or want to be able able to wear a thick winter sock under your Hybrids then go with the larger size.

    Stalkasin sizes are NOT necessarily the same as regular shoe sizes. Because of this, accurate sizing is very important. Please consult our sizing chart when selecting the proper size. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by email.