Frequently - Asked Questions

  • Do you recommend wearing Stalkasins with or without socks?​​

    • Stalkasins are meant to be worn with socks. Simply take your boots off when it comes time and put your Stalkasins on.

  • Should I measure my feet with or without socks?​​

    • We recommend measuring your feet with socks on.

  • How do Stalkasins do with cactus?

    • Stalkasins are very puncture resistant and will resist cactus.  While we haven't tested them on every existing species of cactus, we are yet to find a cactus that can pierce them.

  • How long do orders take to ship?

    • ​Most orders are currently shipping in 3 - 5 weeks. Apparel orders ship within a couple days. If you need a more specific idea on when an order will ship or if you need an order rushed, feel free to email us.